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10 Self-Improvement Apps That Make You Smarter and Happier in 2023

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had.”

In other words, change is good.

Of course, making real changes in our lives is not always easy. We are a culture of habit – equating the familiar with warm and fuzzy concepts of safety and security, even when the ‘familiar’ isn’t necessarily good for us. As a result, we resist change as long as possible, while talking about it, wishing for it, and promising to do it tomorrow. (See also: 25 Healthy Changes You Can Make Today)

The solution is to find a way to introduce the change gently, incorporating it into our daily lives in a way that makes it as minimally invasive as possible, so that by the time we realize we’ve made a major change, it’s already become a comfortable habit that we’ve learned to accept instead of fear.

And like so many things in life today, there’s a self-improvement app for that. Several in fact, and I’ve listed some of my favorites here. Use them to introduce small changes into your day and let yourself be motivated to continue on to bigger and better things.

1. Journy

The Journy app helps you streamline your life by keeping key calendar events, reminders, techniques and tips at your fingertips. The self-improvement app also provides a planning template to help you organize your thoughts as you prepare for any event, big or small.

This is a self-improvement planner and tracker for anyone who wants to take control of their life and become a better version of themselves.

Journy was designed to help you organize your thoughts, your process, your life, your self-improvement, self-discipline, and growth to maximize your returns on your journey to being the absolute best, the most balanced, balanced person you can be. be. you desire to be If you come to the table with the most important aspect of improvement; effort! This self-improvement app will meet you halfway to help you stay organized and stay on course.

Journey App Download Links:

2. Duolingo

I’ve mentioned this app before, but I’m mentioning it again because it’s definitely one of those self-improvement apps that you should have in your arsenal of mobile tools. Duolingo is a free app that gives you language lessons and in exchange helps you translate the World Wide Web (when you’re ready, of course). They currently offer French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian. I am learning the first three at the same time (which is a challenge) and absolutely love this app. Each lesson lasts a maximum of 8 to 10 minutes, so it’s easy to fit into your schedule. The unique interactive interface almost guarantees that you’ll remember what you’ve learned. The self-improvement apps is available for iPhone and Android devices, or you can use the web interface if you want to expand your horizons from a computer.

3. Workout Trainer

Okay, how many of you had “exercise” or “get in shape” on your list of resolutions this year? Now, how many years has this resolution been on your list?

The problem with exercise is that it’s addictive…but you have to actually do it before the addiction kicks in, and getting over that initial hump isn’t always easy.

Enter the Workout Trainer. This is by far the best exercise self-improvement apps I have found to date. There is a pro version, but the free version offers more than enough to get you moving on a regular basis. Choose from a range of exercises, add your favorite music and you’re good to go. No equipment is required, step-by-step instructional videos are included for each move, and you can connect with their workout community or share your progress via email and social media platforms. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

4. Nike+

The Nike+ app uses your phone’s GPS (no additional devices or plugins required) to track your training and display your progress. I started walking in the morning and took my dog ​​with me as part of his leash training. It’s a simple self-improvement app, but effective, and I get excited when I hear a computer voice telling me I’ve reached my goal, or when I see that I’ve reduced my time by two minutes. (Of course, it’s probably because my 90-pound dog is pulling me faster than the day before.) You can “friend” other Nike+ users and see how you’re doing, which is good for those of us with competitive Nature. And did I mention it’s free? Click here for iOS or Android.

5. YOGAmazing

It’s not always easy to get to a yoga studio regularly or, as in my case, even find a yoga studio that’s nearby. YOGAmazing is the solution to this problem, and you won’t need a player or a studio to make it happen. The app features 50 yoga classes designed to increase your flexibility and bring some balance to your body, mind and spirit. Each session lasts 25 minutes and you can bookmark it for easy recall. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

6. Office yoga

Can’t leave for a full yoga session? Then use this app to make useful poses in the office. The self-improvement app contains 75 lessons, organized by both time of day and situation, so you’ll find stretches you can do while on the phone, as well as invigorating exercises designed for your lunchtime walk. Available for iPhone and iPad.

7. Lumosity

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for this app before, but I’ll mention it just to be sure.

Lumosity is an amazing collection of brain games designed to test your mental acuity and give your gray matter a good workout. A more comprehensive web version is available, but the app offers a free trial that includes five sessions of three games and a pro version of the app for $9.99 per year. While the self-improvement app version isn’t as robust as the web version, it’s still worth the 10 bucks.

Use it daily to improve your memory, increase your observation skills and generally become smarter.

8. Lifetick

Do you want to be more in touch with the “real me?” Lifetick offers a goal-setting app that not only tracks your progress but also helps you determine your core values, and what’s really important to you. As a result, your goals will be more personalized and you can track your path to success using the SMART goal-setting method. There’s also a diary feature and status widgets to help you stay inspired and on track. There is a free version and the professional version costs $20 per year. You can also create a bucket list for your long-term future and you can share your goals with other members for extra motivation. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

9. Lift

If you want to start small, this is the self-improvement app for you. Lift lets you choose simple habits you’d like to implement—from flossing to going to bed before midnight—and then you can “check in” each time you complete the task.

The app tracks your progress and other users can give you kudos to keep you going to add to your sense of satisfaction. Available for iPhone right now, but the website promises that a web version is on the way – you can sign up for future updates to know when new versions are released.

10. Simply being

If thinking really is the key to success, then this little self-improvement app will help you open that door. Choose how long you want to meditate—5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes—and then start your day with a guided meditation. You can also choose to add nature sounds and/or music to your meditation, or just listen to the music without commentary. Available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows and Android devices.

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