Pea and Rice Protein Powder: An alternative to  traditional protein

Protein is an essential macronutrient for human health and wellness, and getting enough protein in your daily diet can be tricky. Fortunately, pea and rice protein powder is a great way to get the protein you need without sacrificing flavor. Here are six reasons why you should add pea and rice protein powder to your diet. 

Pea and rice protein powder 

Pea and rice protein powder is a great choice for those looking to boost their protein intake. Made from both yellow split peas and brown rice, it contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs to remain healthy and strong. Not only is it incredibly nutritious, but it’s also incredibly versatile – you can add it to smoothies, shakes, baked goods and more. As an added bonus, pea and rice protein powder contains no additives or artificial ingredients so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body. Additionally, the powder comes in both sweet and savory flavors making it easy to incorporate into any meal or snack!

Brown Rice Protein Content 

Pea and rice protein powder contains a substantial amount of protein per serving, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to increase their intake of this important nutrient. In addition to providing a good source of complete proteins, pea and rice protein powder also contains amino acids that are essential for muscle growth and repair. This makes it the perfect addition to any post-workout shake or smoothie. 

High Fiber Content 

Pea and rice protein powder is a powerful combination of two plant-based proteins. Aside from delivering an array of essential vitamins and minerals, it is also high in dietary fiber. This nutrient has many health benefits ranging from maintaining digestive health to helping you feel more satisfied with meals. Eating a diet that is rich in dietary fiber can help slow down digestion so you feel full for longer, as well as promoting regularity. Furthermore, it may aid in reducing cholesterol levels by binding to bile acids in the gut and ushering them out of the body.

Low Allergen Profile 

For those who suffer from allergies or food intolerances, pea and rice protein powder may be the ideal solution. Unlike other forms of plant-based proteins such as soy or hemp, pea and rice protein does not contain any common allergens such as gluten or dairy products. It is also vegan-friendly, so it can be enjoyed by people who have chosen to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.             

Easy To Digest Vegan Protein 

Pea and rice proteins are both easily digestible by the body due to their low levels of lectins (which can cause digestive issues). This makes them ideal for people who have difficulty digesting other forms of proteins such as whey or casein proteins found in dairy products. Additionally, because they are plant-based proteins, they lack the hormones found in animal-based proteins that can cause digestive upset in some people. 

Easy To Add To Your Diet 

Pea and rice protein powder is an ideal way to add more nutrition to your diet in a simple and cost-effective way. Mix it into smoothies or shakes for an instant boost, or use it as a substitute for flour when baking for even healthier results! There’s no need to overspend either; most protein powders come in single-serving scoops so you only pay for what you need, usually under $10 – leaving your wallet unscathed! Incorporating this superfood into your daily routine is incredibly easy and affordable so why not give it a go?

Kids superfood powder

Our kids superfood powder is a vegan protein powder that is packed with vital nutrients for your kid’s developing body. It comes from organic, whole food sources and contains natural minerals and vitamins, no unnecessary fillers or artificial flavorings. Children who use our superfood powder can benefit from improved digestion, focus and concentration, and even better sleep. Plus, it’s easy to mix into your child’s favorite beverages or food – so they can get the nutrition they need without having to compromise on taste. Get all the essential nutrition your little one needs with our superfood powder – it’s an easy way to give them the best start in life!

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There are many benefits associated with adding pea and rice protein powder and kids superfood powder to your daily diet – from its high fiber content that aids in digestion to its low allergen profile suitable for vegans/vegetarians/those with allergies/intolerances! Not only that but its simple preparation means that you don’t have to spend hours cooking up complicated dishes just to get your recommended daily intake of this vital macronutrient! So what are you waiting for? Start adding more pea and rice protein powder into your meals today!

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