5 Simple Exercises to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

Daily physical activity is a must for staying healthy. Being active not only improves your weight but also proves to be beneficial for your mental health. Furthermore, it increases bone and muscle strength and improves human capabilities to perform tasks better. Therefore, people who are usually active in their life performing their day-to-day activities tend to have good heart, mental and physical health.

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Simple yet effective, as per several research studies. Walking can provide a boost to your cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. In the initial stage of walking, exercise doesn’t focus on the time you walk. But on the intention of doing it, it might seem hard in the start, but as you keep on practising it. It will become more manageable, and then you can increase your time.

Taking stairs:

Choosing a lift over stairs is more of an unconscious decision, we tend to think of it. But you have to wait and think of health and not let it slip by. Moreover, this single exercise can reap many health benefits. Using stairs engages your quads while also raising your heartbeat. You can always start small and then build your way up. But if the thought of climbing stairs intimidates you, it will not be helpful. Furthermore, this is a vital exercise to jumpstart your fitness path. It will fortify your leg power and potentially reduce the risk of falls in the elderly. Additionally, it affects the muscles, bones and joints of the body to increase their strength.


Ten is the least and a get number to start with. Pushups are more demanding physically, but I’m not asking for 1000 at your start. And, make sure you keep your posture right when doing it. You must take your chest close to the ground and back straight. Furthermore, pushup work on your upper body defines the muscles and provides cardiovascular strength.

If you find it hard in your first few tries, you can keep your knees on the ground. And once you are okay with that, then you can do it without your knees touching to the ground. Besides, pushup may seem like the most challenging exercise. But it also makes many muscles of your body participate at once.


Hanging from a bar might remind you of your childhood days when you use to hang from the bars in the park. Hanging provides your forearm strength; you only have to do it a few times a day for 60 seconds. It will take a lot of practice before you reach that 60-second mark, but don’t get disappointed and keep on trying. Hence, the journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle may seem complex, but it’s not impossible. In addition, this exercise will make your grip stronger and forearm muscles and will elongate your spine.

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For starters, you can do 10 for the first few days and then increase as you go. Then, put all your weight in the heels and inhale while squatting and exhale while standing up. Furthermore, it’s a cardio routine that can even be performed when you cannot go for walk. Additionally, they focus on your quadriceps and glutes. Moreover, the muscles which will benefit from them are the calves, hip muscles, oblique and hamstrings.

Besides, it helps in weight loss by burning calories. Squats support you in feeling and looking good. With squats, you can get an improvement in bone mineral density. This exercise nourishes tendons, ligaments and bones in the legs.


This blog is on 5 Simple Exercises to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey. Five exercises are listed: Walking, Taking stairs, Pushups, Hanging and Squats. Each exercise with its benefits are stated.  

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