Matthew timoko

Why was Matthew timoko popular? 

The Auckland Rugby League had the privilege of speaking with Canberra Raiders star center Matthew timoko. Matt has had a busy week, having been named to the NZ Kiwis’ wider World Cup squad and preparing for another do-or-die NRL finals match tonight. He had a breakout season in the 2022 NRL season, scoring nine tries and playing outstanding defense.

Matt and the Canberra Raiders will face the Parramatta Eels tonight, with their season on the line. The 22-year-old is making significant progress in his career, which began when he was five years old with the Otahuhu Leopard in the ARL. Matt played his final game in Auckland before joining the Canberra Raiders in 2017. He traveled to Australia in early 2018 to try his luck at becoming an NRL player.

Matthew timoko

The career of Matthew timoko 

Matthew timoko career performed admirably during the nine NRL games. As a result, he and Harley Smith-Shields were named the Raiders’ “Rookie of the Year” in 2021. The Canberra Raiders have extended Matt Timoko’s contract until the end of 2024, ensuring that the club retains another young player. In addition, Timoko has agreed to stay with the Raiders for two more seasons after signing a contract extension through 2022. 

This 21-year-old made his NRL debut against the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the 16th cycle of 2020, replacing the accident-prone Curtis Scott. Peter Mulholland, Canberra’s official in charge of enlistment, visited him after observing the middle-playing rugby team in his home country, New Zealand, and decided to enroll him in the town. 

Matthew is an exciting young athlete who has already shown glimpses of his potential, according to Raiders CEO Don Furner. This season, he has appeared in two games and he has also appeared as the 18th man on several occasions. Timoko has made the most of his few opportunities to play in the NRL. 

Timoko showed off his speed and handling abilities during the 14th cycle game against the Brisbane Broncos, collecting 120 running meters as well as five tackle breaks, an elongated line break, and an attempt to increase his handle count to 32 handles. This is the sport’s highest rating.

Relationship of Matthew 

In numerous interviews, he has continued to praise them, demonstrating his strong attachment to and reverence for his parents. He is awestruck by his parents and maintains constant contact with them. If one of his followers inquired about his family, he would most likely tell them about his parents. Furthermore, he mentioned his two siblings and spoke about them when discussing the difficulties he faced during his childhood.

He keeps bringing them up in various conversations, and it is clear that he adores and values his family. He adores his parents and maintains regular contact with them. Timako has remained silent about his personal life and has not mentioned any of his lady friends if he has previously dated anyone. He is a decent and humble man who has always been a sensible person.

Matthew Scouting Report 

The Canberra Raiders’ 4-6 NRL season has been a grind, and as niggly as their 4-6 campaign has been so far, Matthew Timoko’s steady Mahi is a funky Kiwi-NRL wrinkle. Timoko was instrumental in the Raiders’ improved performance against the Cronulla Sharks on Sunday, with Timoko enjoying his battle with the trendiest NRL center right now, Siosifa Talakai. 

Final thoughts 

Timoko has now started all ten games this season as the starting center, surpassing his nine-game total from last year. While Timoko’s tackling efficiency has improved slightly this season, the Raiders have struggled to contain opponents.

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