What is the Word Ensnared?

Whether you are looking for the definition of the word ensnared or the synonyms of this word, you are bound to find the answers in this article. There are also some examples of snakes that are ensnared and famous quotes about this word.

Examples of ensnared snakes

Various spiders have been known to ensnare snakes. The brown widow spider, for example, has been found to do so in Mexico and Georgia. The black widow spider has also been found to ensnare snakes.

Likewise, there is an African button spider that can ensnare snakes. This spider injects a potent venom into the snake Designer trapped and wraps it up in a sticky silk mass. The result is a hefty meal. The process is similar in all spider family species.

The spine-tailed sea snake carries a weak venom, but it does boast a couple of impressive tricks. It is capable of shedding its belly scales outside of the water, and it has tiny fangs. It is also known to eat fish eggs and even shrimp. It is the largest of all venomous snakes. The sea krait, on the other hand, has a paddle-shaped tail and is more capable on land. These snakes are capable of dragging fish out of coral reefs.

Finally, there is the Garuda, a mythical creature whose half man, half bird beak can ensnare any snake. This mythical creature is a powerful symbol of victory in Nepal. Interestingly, the Garuda sculpture may have originally been part of the throne. Its ability to ensnare a snake is one of its most intriguing attributes. In fact, it has been said that Garuda can ensnare a python.

Meaning of ensnare

ensnare is a synonym of catch, snare, and trap. It can be used as a transitive or intransitive verb. As a verb, it is used to describe the act of seizing someone or something. A snare is a device that is used to capture an animal or person. It may be made from wires, a tether, or an instrument. It is often designed to capture an animal in flight or in a moving vehicle.

The term ensnare is also used in the context of a legal system. This is because a man can be ensnared in the legal system. However, this is not the only instance in which it is possible to ensnare someone. In some cases, a person can be ensnared by a temporary blindness caused by the sun. This can be dangerous to unwary drivers. In other instances, a person can be ensnared inside a house. A trap can ensnare an enemy, making it easier to kill the enemy.

The meaning of ensnare in the Malayalam language is “a trap or device that can be used to capture an animal or person.” The definition of this word is provided by the Official Languages of India Dictionary. It is also translated into English and provides multiple meanings and an alternate word list.

In the American Heritage Dictionary, ensnare is a synonym for snare and the en*snare. The meaning of ensnare is described in the fifth edition of the dictionary. It is included in the books listed with brief extracts. This is a word that has multiple meanings and is also one of the most useful words in the English language. It is used to describe the action of capturing or seizing an object. It can be used in the sense of catching or seizing, and can be used in the sense of shooting down a fleeing prey.

As you can see, the meaning of ensnare is quite complex. There are many synonyms and antonyms of the term. It is also useful in the Greek language. The best way to learn the true meaning of ensnare is to read the news and study proper English. It is also important to understand what is a trap and what is a snare. You can also learn more about ensnare by clicking on the buttons below.

Synonyms of ensnare

Amongst the synonyms of ensnare are catch, snare, and laceum. The latter word is a variant of lacere, a Vulgar Latin word. The definition of ensnare is “to catch as in a trap.” It is also a Sanskrit phrase. In other words, it means to seize by overcoming resistance.

The opposite words to ensnare are dissuade, deceive, entice, and entangle. Other similar words include snarl, net, and bag. Another related word is en*snare, which is a variant of the word entrap.

When it comes to ensnare, there are 38 idiomatic expressions and antonyms, each with its own meaning. These words can be used interchangeably, depending on the context. They are listed below, along with brief extracts from books relating to the word.

The word ensnare is also associated with a specific animal, Entrapta, a Horde scientist who specializes in making and using traps. The animal is equipped with long prehensile hair, a device that allows it to capture its prey. In 2014, Entrapta received a new action figure. It was FDA approved for foreign body retrieval.

Ensnare can also refer to the act of catching a person or object, or to the act of gaining power over someone by deception or force. It can also be used to mean the act of seizing something in flight or in hiding. There are 38 different synonyms and antonyms of ensnare, as well as a list of related words and idiomatic expressions. The dictionary offers ad free access and advanced search capabilities. There are thousands of more definitions available to subscribers.

There are many different ways to ensnare a person, including through the use of deception, dishonesty, and physical techniques. One of Satan’s favorite agencies is music. It can lead someone to vanity, folly, and pride. It can also ensnare a person’s spirit. When music is used properly, it can be a blessing. However, when misused, it can lead to pain and suffering.

If you are looking for a way to ensnare a person, you may want to consider one of the methods described above. However, if you are interested in ensnaring someone in a more legitimate manner, you should try to avoid the more common methods of ensnaring.

Famous quotes and sentences with the word ensnare

Among the most popular quotes and sentences with the word ensnare are those in which a person or animal is ensnared in an action. This may be a simple act such as a spider web catching dinner for a spider or an intricate plan such as a rodeo star trying to ensnare a calf with a rope.

These famous quotes and sentences with the word ensnare can be read by anyone, and can be shared with others on social media. They can be tweeted, posted on Facebook, and shared on blogs. The meaning of ensnare can be found in many languages, but one is especially relevant to the United States.

The word ensnare is a synonym for the words snarl, snatch, and catch. It is similar to the word canary, which is also used to describe a narrow and noisy bird. The ensnare can be a device, such as a snare, trap, or canary, that is used to capture animals. It can also be used to describe the actions of an individual, such as a snatching up of someone, or a snapping.

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The phrase “with as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio” is an important quote. It is said in reference to the Pharisees’ attempt to ensnare Jesus in His words. It is the same word that was used in the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet, in which Romeo and Juliet are ensnared in the island of Cyprus. It is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This region is populated by Turks.

The meaning of ensnare can also be found in a poem written by a famous classical poet. This poem illustrated the form, style, and form of a scheme.

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