Spring Summer 2023 Fashion: Seasonal Trends

2022 hurries its last months and it is a good time to peek into what is to come when the heat gives us the opportunity to put away coats and enjoy lighter fabrics and more vivid colors. We tell you what is coming in spring summer 2023 fashion. What are going to be used, what colors and styles and we share tips to put together the looks that you should add to your wardrobe.

High contrast combinations, vibrant colours, full color prints and the oversize style in all the garments guarantee a very comfortable summer 2023 when it comes to dressing.

Spring Summer Fashion 2023

The 2023 fashion has already landed in the shop windows and online stores and it is time to explore the fashion trends for the new spring summer season.

The main women’s clothing brands are already offering products in tune with the new trends, with super feminine looks and some very personal and extremely free twists.

The spring summer 2023 season marks the triumphant return of dresses in all lengths. For all tastes and ages, it’s time to make a place for them in the closet

A strong 90s breeze blows through the trends in Spring-Summer 2023. Transparencies, tailoring, midi skirts, lumberjack shirts and lots of jeans will mark the fashion to come in the hot months.

In tune with times that embrace inclusion and diversity, spring-summer 2023 fashion will be marked by a difference: it will be the moment to exploit the desire to dress up and get back on track with many colors and prints and designs with retro details and lots of denim.

  • Jeans are the must-have of 2023 fashion: all jeans (short, long, ripped, blue, light blue, wide, chupin) are included in the trends for the new spring-summer season. From baggy to skinny, anything goes and it’s time to find your own look.
  • Wide jeans and baggy jeans: they will be all the rage in 2023. Wide jeans have a straight, wide silhouette, with a slightly flared boot. The baggy, on the other hand, are more baggy and loose, generally with a cuff. High-waisted jeans will dominate fashion in 2023.
  • Tailor-cut jackets and wide, high-waisted palazzo pants are coming, made in the most intense variations of pinks, greens, blues, yellows and oranges.
  • The tops continue to be full: short t-shirts, bodies, tiny tops, muscular. The times are over when there are clothes only for faces: we are all included in the new trends.
  • We will see a lot of linen, which on more than one occasion adds spandex to the formula, making the genre even lighter and more pleasant to wear.
  • Shirt dresses with retro airs and light TVs are a must-have item this summer. Many micro shorts and straight or oxford jeans will be used.
  • Like last summer, the looks from the 70s and 80s are still very old, with a bet that is more fun than nostalgic. Oxford jeans, maxi dresses, shirts with large lapels, psychedelic, hippies.

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Trends: Summer Looks

  • Leather, transparencies, ‘denim’ and a lot of cargo will be the axes of the ‘outfits’ 2023. Checkered over shirts, shoulder pads and ‘animal print’ are also very valid.
  • Little black dress: the ‘LBD’ will be in full swing for the 2023 season and you can wear it both during the day and at night, on the beach or in the office. Footwear and accessories will make a difference. The ‘flossing’ style and daring fabrics, with some transparencies, add strongly this summer.
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