6 Step By Step Process To Do Screen Printing On T-Shirt

Screen printing is a great option for creating custom T-shirts. You can get your logo, company name, or slogan printed on the front or back of your shirt. The process of screen printing is simple, and it’s not expensive. 

You’ll just need a few supplies and you’ll be able to make your shirts. Screen printing is a great way to create custom t-shirts. It’s simple and easy to do, and you can get beautiful results with just the right amount of ink. 

You can choose to DIY or take the help of professionals such as screen printing Vancouver contractors. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss step by step process to do screen printing on the t-shirt:

Step 1: Select The T-Shirt

When you’re looking for help with screen printing on t-shirts, it can be hard to find a business that does the job well. Everyone has their methods. But when you work with renowned professionals, then you will get the best custom-printed t-shirts. 

Before hiring professionals for printing the design on the t-shirt, it is important to choose the right t-shirt. You should consider size, style, and fabric as well. Make sure that the selected t-shirt should be of the best quality so that you get the best results.  

Step 2: Pre-Wash Your Fabric

One of the most important steps in screen printing, pre-washing your fabric is a step that people often overlook. Actively washing your fabric before you print will guarantee that ink does not bleed during the printing process. Pre-washing also helps remove any excess dirt and particles from the fabric so that it does not clog up and damage your screen. Therefore, it is important to

Step 3: Collect the Required Material

You will need to get all the materials you need for the project. Important things that are required for printing on the t-shirt by using the screen-printing technique are a screen, heat press machine, Vinyl or Fabric Paper (for stencils), and Ink or Dye (for fabric)

Step 4: Prepare Your T-shirt

You have to get the t-shirt ready for printing. You can do that by ironing it. If you have an iron, then use it to press any creases out of your shirt. Then take a ruler and measure out 4 inches from the top of your shirt and draw a line down one side of your shirt, along that measurement. 

It will let you print the design in the right position. Now, choose where you want to print: front or back. The front is better because it shows more detail than the back does (unless you want thick black lines). Make sure there’s enough space between each letter so that they don’t overlap!

Step 5: Place Screen On the Top

Once this step is done with all four sides complete (front & back) then wash your hands thoroughly with cold water or soap before touching anything else! You don’t want any oils from your hands contaminating anything else! 

After that, place your screen on top of the heat press machine, with the image facing outwards towards the front of your machine. Make sure that there are no air pockets underneath it so that it doesn’t get stuck during the printing process. 

If there are any air pockets, just remove them by pushing down gently on them until they’re gone; this will free up space for more heat.

Next, place your screens in place and tape them down firmly so that they won’t move when you start printing on them later on in the process. Place a piece of paper underneath each screen so that when it gets printed onto, all of the unwanted ink will be on that piece of paper instead of on your shirt!

Step 6: Apply Ink With Squeegee

Once you have placed the screen on the t-shirt, then you should load up your squeegee with paint thinner or water (just enough so that it won’t soak through). Apply pressure as you slowly slide down one side of the design, then start at the center and work outwards toward each edge. 

Continue until you’ve printed all sides of your design. You can also hire experienced and renowned professionals like shirt printing Vancouver contractors for printing the designs.

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Final Words

The process of creating custom t-shirts requires you to do some screen printing. Screen printing is a vinyl printing technique that uses a stencil as the basis for your design. You can use this stencil to print on clothing, including t-shirts. 

You can also do screen printing on other fabrics like hoodies, bags, and even hats. The process is easy and takes very little time. By following the steps which are mentioned above, you can get the desired results on the t-shirt.

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