How Does Air Quality Affect Asthma?

How Does Air Quality Affect Asthma?

Are you aware that Asthma affects over 23 million people? Asthma is a chronic, severe respiratory disease that can negatively impact people’s lives. Many studies have linked asthma to air pollution. These harmful pollutants can cause symptoms that lead to asthma attacks. Air is full of microscopic particles that could get absorbed into our lungs, causing damage and further aggravated lung diseases. Asthmatic symptoms can be caused by irritation of the delicate airways. To treat your asthma, you can use Iversun 6 and Iversun 12 medicines.

What Happens If You Have Asthma

Asthma sufferers who are diagnosed or have been affected by Asthma in the past or present with it can be exposed to high levels of air pollution. Asthma sufferers can be affected by air pollution. Some people with Asthma are more vulnerable and can be adversely affected by low or moderate levels of air pollution.

  • Asthma sufferers, especially young adults, have lower breathing rates as their lungs develop.
  • Other long-term conditions that can affect asthmatics include COPD and heart disease.
  • Pollen, when combined with pollution, can increase your chances of suffering from allergy-like symptoms like hay fever.
  • Patients with severe Asthma, or an asthma condition that is difficult for them to manage.

Although our air quality may be similar, each person’s trigger mechanism is different. While it’s unlikely to cause any symptoms, others may feel the effects. The weather can also have an impact on the level of pollution in the atmosphere.

  • Pollution levels are usually very low when the weather isn’t windy or settling.
  • Asthma and allergy to Pollen can make it more difficult to enjoy a sunny day.
  • You could also be suffering from the effects of cold weather and pollution if you’re already experiencing symptoms.

Other Causes Of Lung Disease

Open fires and wood-burning stoves can also pollute the atmosphere, as well as barbecues, bonfires and smoking from barbecues. Asthma sufferers should be aware that smoke can cause irritation and trigger symptoms. To reduce smoke infiltration, you can close windows and doors to stop smoke from entering your home.

Keep your inhaler handy if you have asthma symptoms.

Find out what your local government can do to resolve the problem. If the problem persists, contact them. Asthma can affect both children and adults due to excessive pollution. Children who live in areas that are highly polluted are at greater risk. Your child’s chances of developing Asthma if you are pregnant during this period, regardless if you have Asthma.

What Can You Do To Help Your Child With Asthma?

  • Outdoor activities should be scheduled in the morning, when the air quality is usually at its best. If the air quality is poor, avoid areas that have a lot of people. The air conditioner can be used on days when the air quality is poor. Make sure your child doesn’t spend too much time outside and then turn the AC on.
  • You should also improve the air quality in your home. This can be done by installing an air purifier and venting gas appliances outside.
  • Talk to your doctor about how to increase medication when there is more pollution.
  • To improve the health of the respiratory system, you can use ayurvedic remedies.
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