Best Goal Planner & Tracking Apps for 2023

9 Best Goal Planner & Tracking Apps for 2023

Recently, productivity tools have made it easier to set and track goals. You set goals and these tools like apps and software keep you accountable for the things you said you wanted to achieve.

Many applications are accessible via smartphones, tablets and computers. You probably use several apps right now to manage specific areas of your life. Likewise, setting and tracking goals can be as convenient as swiping or clicking.

If you are looking for the best goal planner app to help you achieve more success, today’s post is your guide to making an informed decision about which app best suits your goal planner needs.

How to choose the right app for setting and tracking goals

The following questions will guide you to the application that is ideal for your needs:

  • Does it have a goal-tracking feature? Some of the best apps will have reminder features that go off at specific times so you know what goals to work on.
  • Does it allow you to check your goals on a daily basis? Apps that help you track your goal planner strategies and provide graphs or present progress reports are useful for identifying your trends and trends, as well as providing additional motivation as you reach your goals.
  • Does it help build habits related to your goals? The concept of compounding habits is applicable to goal setting. Look for a feature that lets you group individual tasks into a new routine related to the goal you’re working on.

Now let’s take a look at the best apps available today.

The best app for setting and tracking goals

1. Goals the Track

Goals on Track was designed with one goal in mind: to help you become more productive. It does this through all the useful features it comes with.

The goals panel allows you to see all of your target goals at a glance. Each goal is displayed with a progress bar showing the percentage of completion of each. In addition, Tasks for the Day lets you keep track of what you have to do for the day. You’ll be managing your time more efficiently in no time.

The SMART Goal feature ensures that you create smart, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals to increase productivity. In addition, this app has a feature for creating sub-goals. These sub-goals are tasks you must complete to support the main goal you are pursuing.

2. Journy

Journy is focused on providing support in creating healthy habits that enrich your life and promote well-being. Developed at Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab, the app includes science-backed features that support goal planner success.

In this app, destinations are called “paths”. There are pre-set paths (e.g. a health-oriented path). Getting into the habit of staying hydrated is the first step on your health journey. Then the app will recommend other habits you can form, creating a chain.

Users can also set customized routes. They can assign smaller tasks that support them in achieving a larger goal.

Users can also choose reminder times for their habits. Next to each routine/habit is a timer that users must set. This is useful because we often lose track of time when we are engrossed in a task. A timer ensures that only the allotted time is spent working on a particular routine.

Journey App Download Links:

3. Strides

Easily reach your goals with Steps. If you have multiple goals you want to achieve, Strides can make them happen. The app ensures that you have a better chance of completing the thing on your list.

4. LifeRPG

According to studies like this one published in Computers in Human Behavior, gamified design elements found in mobile apps can increase user motivation. If this resonates with you, then this app’s gamified approach may be just what you need to achieve your goals.

5. Dreamfora

If you think setting goals is too much work, Dreamfora is here to change your mind. The main goal of the developer Dreamfora is to provide an application that requires minimal effort to help you set and track your goals.

The developers of this app have worked with goal planner experts to provide users with the best possible goal planner and tracking with minimal effort.

6. Repeat Habit Tracker

If you want to focus on achieving your goals, this app can help you do that. It works on the principle that it takes 70 days to form a habit. Its features encourage you to repeat certain daily tasks until you reach your goals.

Reminders help you keep track of your daily goals or pending tasks for the day. Instead of the app sending you notifications, you can choose to receive reminders via your voice assistant.

At the end of the day, you will record whether you were able to achieve your daily goals or not. Through the progress interface, you will be able to see how you are doing toward your goals. The calendar shows which days you have completed your tasks and also provides a graph showing the percentage of completion of each task/goal planner.

7. Lifestick

Need a way to achieve your long-term goals? Whether your plan is to complete your MBA, lose weight, or buy a house, Lifetick has features that can help you do it systematically.

When you add a goal, Lifetick provides a set of guiding questions to give you a better chance of achieving it. The app allows you to establish your personal core values ​​that anchor you in your goal planner setting.

Journaling helps track your thoughts about the goals you are focusing on. The tracking feature allows you to develop positive habits that will help you achieve your goals. Additionally, the progress chart lets you know how you’re on track with the goals you’re pursuing.


If your main goal is to develop good habits, is for you. It has a preset list of habits you can choose from, including habits you want to develop or break. Examples of habits include meditating at a certain time of day, flossing every day, and learning a new skill.

Once you choose a habit that is part of your main goal, you can set how often you want to do that habit or avoid it. The app will then remind you to check in (eg meditate, floss, or quit smoking). It also syncs with various devices to effectively track your activities.

The app has a community feature that lets you celebrate with others whenever you reach a goal planner. In addition, coaches are available in case you need help with tasks that will bring you closer to your goals.

9. Way of Life App

If your goal is to build better habits that support your health, then Way of Life is worth a try. Chosen as Healthline’s Best Motivational App of 2019, Way of Life has several useful features that made it onto our list.

First, the app allows you to create a list of habits you want to either develop or get rid of. Each day, the app will ask you whether you succeeded in forming the habit (if your goal is to form a habit) or whether you avoided it (if you break the habit).

Its interface has simple color coding. Meeting your goal planner for the day is marked in green, while failure is marked in bright red. This way, you’ll have a strong visual representation of your daily progress, helping you track your goals effectively.

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