My opinion on ligan 4033 alternative to ligandrol

A few months ago in my article on SARMS I announced that I had placed an order on the Crazybulk site to test the new “alternatives to SARMS”. I have just finished a 3 month course of their product called ligan 4033, an alternative to ligandrol LGD-4033 you will have understood it. Here’s what I think.

SARMS and steroids = same fight?

I won’t go into detail on the reasons why I don’t prefer to take the plunge, but basically how I see sarms:

These are products that are less scary than anabo because there is no injection.

We want to believe that there will be no side effects because the story is beautiful, but we don’t have the perspective necessary to understand all the risks of this type of product.

Experiments have shown that yes, there are quick side effects but we don’t know the long-term ones.

Most of the time we don’t really know what we’re taking: no regulations (it’s illegal in France, I remind you) so products that often come from China or Russia and are manufactured under conditions that we don’t know.

Conclusion: many who take sarms convince themselves that it is safer than steroids but so far we just have less information.

Alternatives to SARMS: a con trap?

When I told my buddy I train with that I ordered one of these ostarine alternatives the first time around, he clearly pissed me off. Result I had good feelings with it and I have it is a product with natural ingredients.

When I order this I know for a fact that I’m not going to bulk up like Dianabol or dry out like I cycled on clenbuterol.

I take it as a food supplement, maybe a little more powerful we’ll see, and I don’t have much to lose because it’s a product made in the laboratory, with hygienic standards, and natural ingredients and on which we have studies and hindsight. Moreover, it is much simpler: no need for revival, no inhibitors, etc.

For the rest we will see and in this case as I said in my article on sarms I had good results… And I even placed a 2nd order.

My opinion on the ligan 4033

I ordered 3 bottles (2+1 free). These are classic capsules like any food supplement:

Below are my feelings following a mass gain program. Note that I have already done many mass gains and I have not changed anything compared to the last times: same diet, same program, same supplements… The only thing that I take in + is the ligan 4033.

  • Week 1

No effects

  • Week 2

Better congestion in training

Less fatigue

  • Week 3

Always good congestion

faster recovery

  • Week 4


Month 1 review: +1kg of lean muscle

  • Month 2

Still the same effects on congestion and recovery

+ I feel a gain in strength

Month 2 review: +1.2kg, very little fat

  • Month 3

The strength gain is confirmed, I feel much better in training than before.

+ 0.9kg on the scale

In total after 3 months of a mass gain program I gained +3.1 kg while I kept a very clean IMG. It’s better than anything I’ve done before.

You will draw your own conclusions but personally I think it’s a good product for a new effect without major dangers. If you have tested, do not hesitate to give your impressions and results in the comments!

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