Nutcracker Drawing

How to Draw A Nutcracker Easily

How to Draw A Nutcracker. When the holiday season comes, many different characters and traditions will appear to ensure it is the holiday season.

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Originally from Germany to bring good luck and protection into the home, these little toy soldiers have become popular around the world around Christmas time.

Although it is becoming quite popular, many people have difficulty learning how to draw a nutcracker and don’t know where to start. Luckily, that’s what this tutorial is for, and we want to entertain you artistically before you know it!

How to Draw A Nutcracker

Step 1

The Nutcracker can come in various styles and designs, but some elements are fairly consistent across many toy examples. One of them is the tall, rectangular hats they will often wear and with that, we will start with this first step of our guide on drawing a nutcracker.

Before we draw the rectangular outline of the hat, let’s first add a subtle curved shape to the front. You can then draw a small circle with a smaller circle inside it over this curved shape.

Next, draw the rectangular figure of the hat as it occurs in the connection image. You can use a ruler for this outline if you have one handy. Add a thin edging to the top and bottom of the hat, and then finish with some small triangular shapes forming a pattern along the top edge.

Step 2

When we have finished drawing the nutcracker hat, we can start drawing the head in this step. Using the ruler, draw a few straight lines down from the base of the hat at a slight outward angle. You can start drawing the base of the face on either side but don’t draw a complete line.

Instead, draw a small rectangular shape in the middle of the bottom of the face, and then draw some lattice teeth. End with a thin, upright nose with an attached curly moustache, some hollow eyes and some rounded shapes for the hair on the side of the head. Then you are ready for the third step of the guide!

Step 3

Next, in this tutorial on how to draw a nutcracker, we will draw the toy’s arms and body:

  1. Draw flat shapes on the shoulders, each with a rounded part. Then add another rounded shape with some lines running through it.
  2. Use your ruler to draw straight vertical lines for the rectangular body outline.
  3. Draw some rectangular shapes on the sides of the body with curved line details.
  4. Draw some simple hands on the ends of the arms before continuing.

Step 4

For the next step of the Nutcracker drawing, we’ll add some details to this toy soldier’s uniform. First, draw four circles on the nutcracker chest and then connect them with straight lines.

Next, we draw a belt for the Nutcracker. This will have a square with a smaller square inside for the buckle,

so we will use some thin rectangular shapes for the belt straps. Then you are ready for the final details and elements in the next step of the guide.

Step 5

In this step of our tutorial on drawing a nutcracker, you can add the final elements to your picture! We’re going to focus on the Nutcracker’s legs in this part, and as you can see in the reference image, they’re going to be quite small and squat.

The top of the legs will be slightly triangular, allowing you to pull the boots outwards. You can then end up with more triangular shapes that form the tails of her coat behind her back.

When you’re done with these Nutcracker elements, you might as well top it off with some details!

Step 6

Now it’s time to finish off this nutcracker design with some colour. Since this is a toy associated with Christmas, it only makes sense to colourize it with a few colours associated with Christmas, and that’s what we’ve done in our reference image.

We used red and gold tones for her dress and dark blue tones for her hat. Do you think you will choose similar colours in your design, or will you choose colours instead of unique ones? We can’t wait to see what media and colours you choose for this image.

Your Nutcracker Drawing is Finished!

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