How Technology is Giving Astrology Startups in India a Rise

Horoscope is something that we all love to see on a daily basis and many people are crazy about checking their horoscope, zodiac sign, panchang, kundi, etc. 

The best scope for astrologers to assist their clients using the astrology app. Today the time has changed and people have become more educated. However, still, the market of astrology and prediction is growing at a rapid pace.

People go to astrologers to ask about their future, career, marriage, child, and more things but some people hesitate to go to their office or shop, thanks to the on-demand astrology app services that make people more comfortable to ask their doubts without going anywhere.

Why Should We Invest In Astrology App Development?

The market of astrology is growing at a rapid pace these days & expected it will reach around 39 billion at the end of this year now it is around 10 billion and continuously increasing so if you are planning to invest in this business can be a great idea for its creation you need an expert or fully experienced on-demand astrology app development company, that will help to turn your thoughts into reality.

Key points:

  • 80-90% of people use to go astrologers to ask about their concern
  • Some people want to ask about their career, stability, business, marriage, and more but hesitate to go near astrologers
  • Reach large-scale audiences using the app
  • Easy to connect with everyone or anytime 
  • Increase your revenue using the astrology app

How does an astrology app work?

Here we will see the working process of the astrology app. Let’s start talking about them one by one below.

  • First, you have to sign up with the astrology app and fill in your basic details or you can log in via social media 
  • After login, you will get several options like search, and a variety of facility-related horoscopes
  • You can choose anyone by seeing their experience, services, and reviews
  • Once you select one of them you can connect with them you will see the cost they charge for their services
  • Here you will get multiple payment gateways so you can pay using the astrology app

The development cost of an astrology app 

Well if you are going to create an astrology app for your business then you should know the development cost but the development cost of an astrology app depends on various factors like development team size, development durations, technologies, platforms, features, and complexity.

So telling the development cost is not an easy task but don’t worry in this blog we are going to discuss the development cost in three categories.


The development cost varies with features. If you want to develop an app with normal features like unique registration, login or sign up, add an address, mobile no, and some other basic features in your app then its cost comes to around $5-8k and development time will come to around 120-150 hours.


As we all know the development cost rises when we add advanced features within it so if you want to develop an app with some advanced features then the cost comes to around $10-18k and the development time will take around 150-180 hours.


If you want to lead the market then you need an app fully advanced like in-app chat/call, real-time tracking, push notifications, multiple payment options, and more.  The development cost comes to around $20-25k and the development process will take time around 180-230 hours.

All cost of development calculates on the basis of Indian developers and their development charges are generally, around $10-80 per hour.


Let’s talk about the top three astrology apps that are running at the present time in the market with their grace.

  1. Astro Sage 
  1. Astro Speak
  1. AstroVed Assistant app

Astro Sage 

Astro Sage is a site that provides quality content or genuine information to their user’s concerns. The founder of this app or site was Pundit Punit Pandey who launched it in 2000 to provide information regarding their horoscope.

It is one of the best astrology apps that help people to know solutions to their problems. Basically, it is an Indian website. here you will find experienced and trained astrologers, it is the only website that provides Chinese astrology along with Indian horoscope

You can ask any type of problem like when should we start home construction or people also get instant mangal dosh reports on this website. If you are looking for a newborn baby’s name then they also suggested such a facility.

Astro Speak

Astro Speak shared instant information on celestial bodies which are generally responsible for changes in human lives. using the app you will get the option of online puja and want to get ritual information on the net. Once the puja is complete you will find the prasad at your doorstep.

If you want to start any new thing in your life like home construction, open a new business, and keep the name of a newborn baby then you get all information

If you want instant Janam Kondi then just enter your name, date of birth, and birth time you will get it at the same moment.  

Ganesha Speaks

Ganesha Speaks is a well-known astrology website among several other astrology apps. They provide their classy services for many years and trustworthy apps in India.

here you can see your daily horoscope and also discuss the most auspicious day for an event or start the ritual.

The handmade Janampatris for clients is a famous cross in India. the owner of this site Mr. Arunbhai Pandit

You can talk or chat with several wise astrologers from India. It is like a one-stop solution for all problems like Gemstones, Poojas, Janampatris, and ritual things.

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Closing Words:
In this blog, we tried to provide all information regarding astrology apps or websites and how we a create an astrology app for our business but the important thing research deeply before associating with any mobile app development company after all this is your dream project you can give it anyone with research and analysis  

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