Top 5 Fuel Delivery Apps in 2022

What an amazing feeling when you are in a problem and you get an instant solution, suppose you are going outside with friends or family members for a long drive. Suddenly you come to know that your vehicle is out of fuel and there is no fuel station nearby then what will happen, it could be anything wrong with you, but thanks to an on-demand fuel delivery app that makes your life more comfortable you need to login and order with your smartphone without going to any fuel stations and fuel will delivery at your doorstep within a couple of hours. At the present time, everyone uses vehicles like cars, buses, scooters, and bikes, and they need fuel for it so you can imagine how big the market is. So if you are planning on a fuel delivery app then it is the right time to invest in it. There are two ways to create your own fuel delivery app. First, develop by yourself if you are good at developing, and second develop with the help of an on-demand fuel delivery app development company.

Top five fuel delivery apps 

In the competitive world, there are numerous fuel delivery apps available here. We will discuss only the top five fuel delivery apps. 

1. Booster

2. EzFill

3. Yoshi

4. MyPetrolPump

5. Boatyard

  • Booster

It is a well-known fuel delivery app in the USA. You can order fuel at any time or any place you need to log in to the booster app and select your location and require the quantity of fuel, here you will get multiple brands of fuel you can choose your favourite one after placing the order you will receive your fuel at their standard time. You can complete payment through the booster app or at the time of delivery.

  • Fast delivery 
  • Multiple brands in one place
  • Multiple payment options
  • EzFill

EzFill is known for its excellent services in fuel delivery. You need to download the app from the play store and make an account on EzFill.  The best thing about this fuel delivery app is that you can compare prices from different brands here and it gives a lot of offers to its users. The design of EzFill fuel delivery app is unique and the navigation system is awesome. Multiple gateways for payment and you can order fuel at any time.

  • Excellent navigation 
  • No time limit
  • Save money
  • Yoshi

Yoshi provides the best quality fuel at your doorstep. You do not need to go out for fuel for your vehicle. You can track it in real-time with the help of geolocators, you can chat with the agent who is associated with the Yoshi app. Here you will get several options for ordering fuel to your doorstep.

  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app chat
  • Latest notification updates
  • MyPetrolPump

It offers pure quality fuel at an affordable price to your doorsteps. Multiple brands are available in place so you can compare prices easily. Fast and free delivery services are available in the My Petrol Pump app. You need to log in and place the order through the fuel delivery app.

  • Easily or convenient delivery
  • Easy navigation
  • User-friendly app
  • Boatyard

The boatyard is the leading fuel delivery app in the competitive world and is known for its excellency. You can order fuel at any time using the app boatyard and you will get your order on time here you will see several payment options.

  • Unique registration 
  • In-app chat
  • Unique offers for new users

How does it work?

Its working process is straightforward to use, users just need to tap some clicks on their smartphone to place an order. The delivery agent fetches their location & reaches the standard time to the user & helps him out to refill the fuel tank at a very affordable price.

To understand it briefly, we divide it into three steps.  

  • Order placement.

In this section, users need to open their mobile application, click on the fuel delivery app, and place an order according to their requirements. Once the user places an order using the app, it directly fetches their location, or the user can manually add their address; this information is directly sent to the nearby certified dealer or delivery agent after that you will receive confirmation mail or message on your registered mobile no.

  • Select the type of fuel.

In this section, you can choose the fuel type or quantity according to your requirement, whether petrol/diesel or gas fuel; you need to order using your fuel delivery app and choose it.

  • Refilling the fuel tank.

After refilling the fuel tank, you get a confirmation message on your phone; after that, you can make payment via multiple payment gateways available on this platform to help you out.

What will be the development cost of the fuel delivery app?

The development cost of a fuel delivery app depends on multiple factors like their location, target audience, developers team, technologies, platforms, and more things that affect the cost.

So it is not an essay task to calculate the exact number of development costs, but here we will give a basic idea about the development cost.

To understand the nearby value of the app, we divide it into three steps.

  • Simple app.

The simple app does not require a back end or extra features. To develop this developer needs only 120-200 hours, and the cost will be $5-10k.

In this, we don’t need a third-party link.

  • Mid-complex app.

In this, we need a back end or some advanced features like real-time chat and tracking of their orders; to develop this expert needs 150-250 hours, and the cost will be $15-20k.

  • Advance app.

As we know, increasing the feature affects the developing cost, so in the advanced app, we need extra features like multiple payment options, accurate time tracking, customer support services, return options, customer reviews, and many more that will increase the cost like $20-50k and more than it.

So the cost can be increased according to your target users’ platform; if they use the android app, then the cost is slightly reduced, but if there are iOS users, then the cost slightly increases.

Features that must be in the fuel delivery app

Any business’s success depends on the advanced features that attract more customers to use your app and engage them in it.

Here we will discuss some advanced features in your app to lead the market & take you to the next level of your business.

  • Easy Registration.

The registration process should be more straightforward or accessible for anyone, increasing the number of users and your business. Also, allow users to log in via social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Gmail.

  • Real-time tracking. 

Accurate time tracking is the advanced feature of the fuel delivery app in this section users trace their order’s live location.

  • Multiple payment options.

Fuel delivery apps provide multiple payment options to users like debit, credit, net banking, UPI, or cash on delivery options; users can complete their payment according to their comfort.

  • Return or replacement options.

In this section, customers can place a return or replacement request if they don’t like a product and no longer need it. It should be simple to give the best experience with your app.

  • On-time delivery.

Deliver customer orders on time or give them the option to guarantee delivery; you have to charge extra for fast delivery. 

  • Customer Review.

Customer review is a must to enhance business daily after working on the suggestions or feedback provided by the customer in the customer review section.

  • 24*7 Customer care services.

The customer care option is the best solution for users who cannot get proper solutions for their concerns; it makes the app more trustworthy, and in contact with customer care, we can get proper solutions anytime, anywhere.

  • Push notifications.

It is the best option to connect users or customers daily and send updates related to the app, or best to share offer details by sending push notifications. It helps to engage users more with the app.

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 Q1. Top three fuel delivery apps in India?

Ans. FuelBuddy, Humsafar, Pepfuels

Q2. Who is the best mobile app development company in India?

Ans. In the competitive world, there are several mobile app development companies available but according to our research, we suggest the name jploft solutions.

Q3. How much does the development cost for a fuel delivery app in India?

Ans. The development cost of fuel delivery apps in India is around $5-15k.


At the end of this blog, we want to add some essential information before going to execute your fuel delivery plan research market properly and discuss with an experienced mobile app development company. In this blog, we mentioned development costs, the top five apps’ names, features, and more.

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