10 Fun and Easy Ways to Learn English Faster

The idea that the only way to truly learn English is to be entirely immersed in it and surrounded by it everywhere you go has been repeated a thousand times. However, you wanted to go further than that and discover quick and simple ways to begin immersing ourselves.

 Listening to music

While learning English, listening to music can help you focus and improve your mood. While calming music can help you feel more relaxed if you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming test, happy songs can help you feel re-energized and motivated if you’re getting bored.

However, keep in mind that listening to music with lyrics can cause you to become distracted from your studies. Your focus may be diverted from the English words you’re trying to learn by the song’s lyrics. You can study music without lyrics, such as jazz or classical if this disturbs you.

Find the Best Tutor

Despite English grammar not being as complex as some other languages, it is nonetheless a crucial component of the language. Although grammar is always taught in school classes, there are instances when it seems insufficient. More often than not, inadequate teaching is to blame for a child’s delayed growth rather than the complexity of grammatical concepts. 

Although teachers frequently do their best to meet all of the needs of the class, they sometimes fall short because each child is unique. Employing a private tutor who specializes in teaching strategies that fit your child’s learning style will undoubtedly produce outstanding outcomes. Additionally, tutors can be more flexible with learning exercises rather than sticking to the ones that are typically employed.

Read whatever you can get your hands on

Read whatever you can get your hands on, whether it’s English-language classic literature, paperbacks, newspapers, websites, emails, your social media feed, or cereal boxes. Why? This information will contain a good amount of new vocabulary as well as some words you probably already know. Re-exposing yourself to previously taught vocabulary gives you fresh examples in context, which helps you learn new terms more rapidly. However, expanding your vocabulary requires learning new words and expressions, especially in a language like English where there are a lot of them.

Employ your friends

Possess close pals who publish online in English? Don’t just skim over them in your newsfeed; scan the posts they share and make a point of checking out one or two of them every day. They may be songs, talks, blog entries, films, articles from newspapers or magazines, or anything else as long as it’s in English and the subject matters to you. It is also possible to take an online class help to learn English.

Change your study location

It might become very monotonous very quickly to study in the same spot and space every time. If you often study at home, consider visiting a coffee shop or library. Enthusiasm will increase thanks to the change of scenery, and studies have shown that shifting settings also help with remembering.

Your mind draws connections between the material you’re learning and your current location. Brain is compelled to form new connections to the material you’re studying when you study in a new location. You are more likely to recall what you have learned the more connections your brain forms.

Access several English podcasts and radio stations 

Nowadays, there are a ton of podcasts available on any subject imaginable, including news, politics, and entertainment. Searching for a podcast from a TV channel on your cable TV that you frequently watch is an excellent approach to locating one. Find one that grabs your attention and listen to it while driving. That will help you develop your ear.

On the bus or in the park, sit close to those who are speaking English

Okay, stop being a spooky attentive listener. But pay attention to the conversation’s flow and see what terms you can understand. How much of it did you comprehend? What was the general subject of their conversation? Did you hear a word that caught your ear that you might want to look up later?

Authentic Videos to Help You Learn English

Genuine videos are produced by and for native speakers. Start slowly because they can be difficult to understand at first. I’d advise searching for YouTube videos that are 5 minutes long and cover the subjects you’re interested in.

FluentU offers a wide variety of topics for any interest, and interactive subtitles, flashcards accompanied each video clip, and quizzes to help with understanding and learning. FluentU video clips are also typically five minutes long.

Converse on Facebook with your pals who post in English

You can see daily postings from English-speaking people on your timeline and learn insider news about breaking English-language stories and popular videos or education dissertation topics. Your professors may be your pals! Their timeline essentially sorted the ideal content for you to learn out.

Study English slang

Slang is one of the most entertaining aspects of learning English. Slang is more casual and intriguing, and employing it will make you sound less robotic and more like yourself.

Produce whatever you can

Regardless of your shyness or how little you understand English, force yourself to talk. Help a traveler who appears to be lost. They won’t worry if you have trouble with the language as long as you’re helping them out! Discuss your progress and your English-language needs with your teacher after class. Ask for English directions when you’re out and about, even if you don’t need them. Try making purchases over the phone and the internet, or contact customer service in English.


Although there aren’t any true shortcuts to learning English rapidly, science has shown that some methods are more effective and efficient than others. The aforementioned advice will assist you in learning English more effectively and quickly, per scientific studies and trials. And your brain will develop and learn along with you.


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