Types of Academic Essays

Types of Academic Essays and How to Write Them

Want to write an academic essay? If you really want to do this, then know that a good starting point to write an essay is learning about its types first. Once you have learned the types of academic essays, the rest is easy. All you need to know is the structure of your essay according to the requirement. So, in today’s article, I will explain all the types of essays along with a brief guideline on how to write them. Hence, let’s get started with today’s discussion.

Types of academic essays

There are mainly four types of essays. Each type has its own set of guidelines and requirements to complete. However, a brief description of all the essay types is as follows:

1.      Expository essays

This type of essay is opinion-free writing on a topic. The discussion in this essay can be broad or narrow. This type of essay is widely used in academics. You can explore the topic in detail and analyse it on the basis of the available evidence. To write an expository essay, keep the points mentioned below in mind.

  • Always start with an outline
  • Verify the requirements before starting to writing
  • Focus on the objectivity of the issue and bring clarity to your evidence
  • Prepare a strong thesis statement

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2.      Argumentative essay

It is the second type of essay you commonly see in your academics. It is a kind of expository essay, but the research level in this essay is too deep. As the name suggests, it is an essay in which you present your argument on the issue and support it with factual information. So, you have to research well and use quantitative data mostly. Below are some points that you must consider when writing this essay:

  • Choose a high-interest topic as you have to give your arguments on the topic
  • Clearly differentiate your argument from others’ arguments with factual information
  • Give concrete evidence
  • Present a strong counterclaim

3.      Descriptive essay

It is the most straightforward essay type. As the name suggests, it is about describing a topic in as much detail as possible. You can use metaphors and adjectives to explain the topic. A brief description of the points that can help you write this essay is as follows:

  • Choose a focused topic as you only have to describe that topic
  • Gather as much information as possible to describe the topic
  • Make the language of your essay very interesting
  • Write it as you go

4.      Narrative essay

It is a personal piece of academic writing that presents your point of view about something. Such essays can be your stories or creative non-fiction writing. It is the first academic essay type in which the use of first-person “I” is very common. The main things you need to follow while writing this academic essay is as follows:

  • Give your essay a personal touch
  • Use first-person whenever you refer to yourself
  • Show the audience, do not tell them
  • The conclusion of your essay must be satisfying


Academic essays are hard to write, but you can structure them perfectly with proper guidelines. The points mentioned above about how to write each essay can help you a lot. Therefore, please pay close attention to them while structuring your academic essay.

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