Top 10 Tarot Readers in India

Tarot Card perusing is a strategy for divination and returns to the eighteenth 100 years. In any case, it isn’t just utilised for divination (making expectations about the future), it is likewise utilised as a strategy for directed reflection. In numerous nations, individuals counsel tarot perusers as they are considered very successful with regards to anticipating what’s to come. The individual who gets the perusing can tap their inward insight through it. The tarot perusing assists us with understanding what we want to be aware of in a particular circumstance.

There are best tarot card reader in india who give direction to individuals in all parts of their lives. How about we see who are the main 10 tarot card pursuers in the country.

1.Pooja Bhatia

 She is a Gold Medalist Crystal gazer and Life instructor as well. She has over 10 years of involvement. She has showed up on public Stations and highlights in standard shows on Ïndia News, Ishwar Channel, Sadhana television, News Country, HNN, TV100, Ahsaas Station, and so on. She has numerous global clients as well. She can be counselled on the internet based crystal gazing stage, Astro Talks

2.Chhavi Upadhyay

Chhavi Upadhyay is one among the main 10 tarot card perusers. She has 5 years’ involvement with Tarot perusing. She finds Tarot a great device that can assist with people settling on the best choices throughout everyday life. Her tarot readings have helped many individuals who wound up caught in troubled circumstances like wrong positions and connections. She is accessible on the web-based soothsaying stage, Astro Talks.

3.Amee Shivram

Amee Shivram of Amee’s Tarot World is a tarot card peruser of global notoriety as well as a Numerologist, Vastu expert, and inspirational orator. That was the point at which she understood that her everyday routine design was to direct and recuperate experiences with the help of tarot cards.


Rupa is among the best 10 tarot card pursuers in the nation, and has clients from one side of the planet to the other. She makes future forecasts as well as assists her clients with using wise judgement on significant issues in their day to day existence. She is a tutor and counsel for corporate firms and business visionaries too.

5.Manasi Raina

She is a Tarot and Runes Specialist, Elective Specialist, and a Louise Feed’s “Recuperate Your Life” Studio Instructor. For about 10 years, she has been directing individuals in their excursion of life and assisting them with figuring out the more profound bits of insight that lie underneath their concerns. 

6.Shivangi Tarot

Shivangi, who is its caretaker, has been offering tarot card readings since the age of 16. It goes to demonstrate her dependability and capacity as a specialist tarot card peruser.

7.Neera Sareen

Neera Sareen is a prestigious Soothsayer, Comprehensive Healer, Wellbeing Mentor, and Otherworldly Specialist. She practises and shows various types of Prescient Sciences and Recuperating Modalities. She has gotten many honours and awards for her fortune-telling. Neera succeeds in Tarot Card Readings, Variety Jug Readings, Espresso Mug, Tea Leaf and Wine Perusing, Numerology, Energy Vaastu, Holy messenger Treatment, Quality Perusing, Gem and Variety Treatment, Precious stone Ball Looking, Runes, and so on.

8.Poonam Chopra

Poonam Chopra is one of the main 10 Tarot Card Perusers, Vastu Advisors and Numerologists in India. Her aptitude isn’t restricted to Tarot Card Perusing yet incorporates Vastu Discussion and Numerology. She additionally does Gem Treatment, Naturopathy, Reiki, Pranic Recuperating, Karuna Reiki, Wellbeing and Actual Wellness, and so forth.


Rasika is a skilled clairvoyant. She is known to be a brilliant Tarot Card Peruser and Healer. Since an energetic age, Rasika has had the choice to coordinate numerous people, including her family, colleagues, relatives, and her creating client base, with the help of her inherent powers and the message of the Tarot.

10.Tripti Chitkara

Tripti Chitkara is a characteristic visionary. Indeed, even as a youngster, she flabbergasted her loved ones with her instinctive gifts. She directs individuals in issues like Love, Profession, Cash, Wellbeing, Business, and so on. She is additionally counseled by public media to compose articles.

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