Mercedes on rent in Gurgaon

Tips to Choose a Luxury Car on Rent in Noida

Travelling is quite stressful, as one has to consider endless factors before planning a road trip. But one major thing you cannot neglect is a car rental when travelling to another city/state.

While several companies claim to offer the best luxury car on rent in Noida, you need to be careful when picking the right one. Here we share with you a few considerations to keep in mind when looking for a luxury car rental in an urban city. 

1. Assess Your Requirements for a Luxury Car

Although many companies provide the same vehicles with distinct configurations, you have to decide what your requirements are. Just like the increasing number of car rental companies in recent years, the classifications of cars are also rising. Today is not those times when people had just the option to choose between an SUV, sub-compact or a compact vehicle. Now there are various categories with ample subcategories. So, when it comes to selection, you need to decide beforehand while seeking a luxury car rental. 

2. Do Thorough Research

The major issue is that today car models are not constant everywhere in the world. What you may consider a company in the US won’t be the same in India. Therefore, you need to do thorough research on a luxury car and its features before renting it for a trip or an event. 

3. Bigger isn’t Necessarily Better

You may have heard the phrase, “bigger is always better.” But it is not true when it comes to car rentals. The luxe cars vary in size and shape and so is their rent. If you don’t require a big car, renting one can lead you into many troubles. For instance, adding fuel to it would be pricey and troublesome for you. These are also hard to handle. And, it’s not easy to find parking for bigger cars, especially on narrow streets. 

4. See the Transmission

When renting a luxury car for your travel, you need to check which transmission you desire. Decide whether you need a manual transmission or an automatic one. You need to mention your requirement to the rental company. No matter whether you want to travel within a city or outside the city, you need to tell the rental company about your preferred transmission for a luxury car. 

5. Be Flexible

When you are done with everything, getting Mercedes on rent in Gurgaon may be out of your range. It often comes down to whatever a company has with them at the moment. You may have to get into a similar class as your preferred car. However, you need to be a little flexible during the rental. You may make the reservations and also call the car provider many times ahead to ensure the availability of the desired car. 


Overall, driving a luxury car in Noida or Gurgaon is quite contagious due to people’s lavish way of living and brand consciousness. The luxury cars’ feel and comfort are very appealing. Even people judge others after watching them in a premium car. Meanwhile, luxury car often drives the attention of people while running on the road.  

Do you desire all these advantages and want to experience the thrill of driving a luxury car? If so, contact KTC India to explore the collection of luxury cars to make your journey hassle-free and smooth. Furthermore, keep all the given tips in mind when planning to book a luxury car rental in Noida. This way you would be able to hire the best premium car for making your trip more comfortable and memorable. After all, nothing beats the experience of travelling in a luxury car.

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