The Benefits Of EV Charging Stations For Businesses, The Best Guide

The Benefits of EV charging Stations for businesses

Of course, this is good for entrepreneurs. But it also means more vehicles, including electric cars, on the road. According to the Institute for Transport and Development Policy, car traffic in many areas exceeds the pre-pandemic level. After seeing the impact of the pandemic on vehicle emissions and their contribution to climate change, many people are hitting the road with the goal of being more environmentally conscious. 

Electric vehicle sales worldwide are expected to reach 5 million in 2021. Owners, including commercial and hospitality businesses, can support the growing number of electric cars on the road by recognizing the benefits of electric car charging stations not only for the environment but also for your business. 

Retail Sales Up – But Has Your Estate Made a Profit? 

Retail consumption increased by almost 25% in May 2021 compared to the same time last year, amid the pandemic. Competing with long-awaited long-haul vacations and out-of-town attractions, retailers and restaurants must do more to attract customers to their properties. 

Electric vehicle charging can drive shoppers to your business. 

In clothing and accessories stores, consumption grew by more than 200% year on year. EV charging stations for businesses can encourage EV drivers to visit your store, spend more time in your store – and spend more money. As the number of electric cars on the road increases, electric car drivers also look for convenient chargers. Whether you’re looking to attract long-distance travelers or local residents, adding EV chargers to your property can encourage people to stop by your store or mall on their route. 

For Real Estate, adding commercial EV chargers will drive traffic to your tenants, making them happy and extending their leases! Providing business owners with additional EV chargers can increase sales revenue. Of course, you can always earn money from your chargers, and billing controllers for every recharge or time you spend connected to them. With EV Connect’s brand-agnostic software platform, you can easily create a profitable business model around EV charging stations. The EV Connect app makes it easy for drivers to find chargers, pay for charging, and receive notifications when their vehicle is fully charged-hopefully while paying for groceries or eating a delicious meal at your store or restaurant.

Increasing travel means more people need the benefits of electric car charging stations 

More cars on the road combined with increasing sales of electric cars mean demand for electric car charging stations. Businesses that ignore this trend could be leaving money on the table, especially with incentives to install EV charging infrastructure at your business. Installing,

charging stations with EV Connect could provide business owners with nearly $2.6 billion in incentives through municipal and local government programs. But these incentives may not last forever, so it makes sense to take advantage when consumer demand is high and supply is low when municipalities and the federal government need to encourage the installation of charging stations. 

Hospitality industry rebounds, more competitive than ever

Just as retail stores and restaurants benefit from increased vaccination rates that allow more people to leave the comfort of their homes, business in hotels is also picking up. Hotel demand increased by 13.7% in the week to 11 April 2021, which is a record for the year. Hotel reservations also increased in March as people traveled for spring break, and with summer in full swing, the trend is likely to continue. 

People who drive to their vacation spots, perhaps because they still avoid air travel and other forms of public transportation, want a safe and convenient place to plug in their electric car during the trip. As hotel room rates rise, amenities like electric car chargers may be removed from hospitality. People may be willing to pay more for a hotel with electric car charging if it makes their vacation more stress-free and convenient. 

 brand-agnostic chargers attract more EV drivers. 

Vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and Ford continue to install electric vehicle charging stations across the United States. But often these stations are limited to their own brand of EV unless you have an adapter. These companies can also offer their customers the advantage of connecting the vehicle to charging of the same brand.

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In contrast, brand-agnostic chargers with fast charging capabilities, such as those offered by EV Connect partners, can serve all EV drivers. Our EV Connect software brings it all together with premium 24/7 customer support for you and your customers. And that means more traffic to the mall, restaurant, or hospitality business. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of electric vehicle charging stations for your business.

Are charging stations environmentally friendly? 

Even when using fossil fuels, electric cars produce fewer emissions than ICE vehicles. Many electric charging stations use renewable energy to charge electric cars. However, some still use carbon-based power plants and similar environmentally harmful energy sources.

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