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Simple Solutions to Stop Snoring

Snoring is an annoying condition that can disrupt the sleep cycle of the snorer, as well as his/her partner. This can further lead to fatigue the very next day. It is also a sign of deeper health problems or breathing issues. 

Thankfully, many snorers find relief due to exercising and following some simple solutions for snoring. Here we recommend some simple techniques to treat snoring. 

Try Different Sleeping Positions

Many people often sleep on their backs without any issues. For some, however, the collapsing of the soft palate and tongue towards the throat’s back can cause vibrations when exhaling and inhaling. This causes the annoying snoring sound. So, to prevent this, you can try to sleep on your side. Use body pillows to help you sleep on the side. 

Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Have you ever seen a movie or cartoon where a character gets so tired that he/she collapses into a deep sleep and starts snoring loudly? This depiction is quite accurate. When the body is over-exhausted, your muscles are more relaxed than usual during sleep. Due to this limpness, there is vibration while breathing and it leads to snoring. 

So, one must follow a proper sleep schedule. Generally, people need eight hours of proper sleep every night. On the other hand, some individuals need less or even more sleep. 

Check Your Weight

Since obese people carry more fat tissues around their necks, it squeezes their throat’s diameter. Due to this constriction, people are often at higher risk of snoring. While lean people can also snore, if you feel you have started snoring after weight gain, consider maintaining your weight with proper exercises and a healthy diet. 

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can sedate body muscles during sleep. So, when you drink alcohol within five hours of your sleep hour, you have a higher chance of snoring. If you notice any correlation between snoring bouts and your alcohol use, it’s best to quit drinking at least before bedtime. It may relieve your snoring. 

Prevent Exposure to Allergens

Generally, allergen exposure to your sheets, pillowcases and blankets can cause snoring. When you inhale the elements that irritate your nasal passages, airflow disruption occurs and causes snoring. 

To stop this, you need to keep your room dust-free. Try to clean your ceiling fan, dust off the room, wash all bedding and even take special medication to treat allergies. 

Open Nasal Passages

Do you feel your snoring is from the nose and not from the throat? If so, one of the best snoring remedies for you is to open your nasal passages by using nasal spray or strips. 

When the nasal passages open, you don’t have to force the air to breathe and there won’t be any snoring issues. You can even take a hot shower or steam to open the nasal airways. 


If you or your partner is a snorer, try these remedies to relieve yourself from this condition. If none of these remedies fails to resolve your snoring, talk to a doctor to find an underlying cause of snoring. The doctor will check whether or not there’s some other serious condition like obstructive sleep apnea associated with your snoring. Hence, you can take appropriate medical help to relieve the condition.

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