Maradona’s son had a press conference with Vn88cx: ‘Comparing my father with Messi is not understanding football’

Diego Maradona Jr, son of the late legend Diego Maradona, confirmed to Vn88 mobile that his father is on a different level than superstar Lionel Messi.

“I really don’t want to criticize Lionel Messi at the moment. But we are talking about two players on two different planets. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire after this failure. Only those who don’t understand anything about football compare my father to Messi,” the legendary son Diego Maradona shared with Qatar’s Vn88.

Witnessing Argentina’s 1-2 defeat to Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup, Maradona Jr said: “It’s hard to believe that Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia. I was shocked to see this failure. This is crazy.”

He shared more with “I don’t think the Argentine players were subjective. They looked very frightened. When you can’t finish the match, the opponent will finish you, even if it is the weakest team. It’s hard to believe but that’s football,” he added.

In the post-match interview, superstar Lionel Messi also admitted: “This is a well-deserved defeat. There is no excuse for this failure. We have not faced this situation in a long time. However, now is the time for us to prove that Argentina is a united group.”

On the evening of November 23 (Hanoi time), as noted by Vn88 sports newspaper: Saudi Arabia created an earthquake in the opening match of Group C of the World Cup 2022 when it defeated Argentina 2-1. The South American representative seemed to have an easy match when he took the lead early after Messi’s successful penalty. After that, Argentina put the ball into the opponent’s net 3 more times, but all were not recognized. 

Unexpectedly in the second half, Saudi Arabia scored twice in a row and successfully came back.

The defeat to Saudi Arabia put Argentina’s ambition to win Group C at stake. After the opening leg, Argentina was at the bottom of Group C, with no points. Poland, Mexico ranked above with the same 1 point and Saudi Arabia owns 3 points, topping the table.

In the next match on November 26, Argentina will face a difficult challenge called Mexico while Saudi Arabia meets Poland.

Commentator of Vn88 mobile sport: The defeat against Saudi Arabia puts Argentina’s ambition to win the top of Group C at stake. After the opening leg, Argentina was at the bottom of Group C, with no points. Poland, Mexico ranked above with the same 1 point and Saudi Arabia owns 3 points, topping the table.

Luck smiled with Messi and teammates when on the evening of November 22, Poland had a 0-0 draw against Mexico. This result helps Argentina not be too far behind by rivals. At that time, they faced several cases.

Firstly, if the South American representative wins the remaining two matches of the group stage (6 points), they will decide their own fate and secure one of the two tickets to the round of 16 of the World Cup 2022. However. , the top of the table is not something they can decide.

Second, Argentina only won 4 points (one win, one draw). At that time, they still have many opportunities to continue, but they are likely to have to race for the secondary stats. The rules of the World Cup stipulate that when two teams are equal on points, the goal difference – defeat is the next consideration, so the task of Messi and his teammates is to score as many goals. Vn88cx newspaper reported the current situation of the Argentine team.

Case three, Argentina only won 3 points. They are considered excluded when there are extremely special developments in Group C. In the last 5 World Cups, no team has 3 points that can pass the group stage. The last time that miracle occurred was when Chile went on with 3 draws in France in 1998.

According to experts working for newspaper, Argentina must win the remaining two matches. It is not an easy task, first because the opponent is two nasty names Mexico, Poland; second because the pressure to win will make it difficult for Argentina to play and at the same time open up active tactical options for their opponents.

At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Argentina also slipped through the “door of death” to enter the round of 16 with 4 points after the group stage. “Albiceleste” drew 1-1 Iceland in the opening match, then received a 0-3 defeat to runner-up Croatia and won only in the final match against Nigeria.

Also at the World Cup in Russia, the Japanese team passed the group stage with 4 points (equal to Senegal), but more than fair-play (4 yellow cards compared to 6 yellow cards). At the 2014 World Cup, there were up to 4 yellow cards. 4 teams qualified for the group stage with 4 points: Greece, Nigeria, USA and Algeria.

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