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How To Overcome Your Criminal Record To Plan A Trip To Canada In 2022

We all know that traveling abroad has been hit badly due to the pandemic in the last couple of years. For the most part, people were not allowed to plan a vacation trip with their families and loved ones due to the added restrictions. But thankfully, things are getting better, and many countries, including Canada, are now relaxing these travel restrictions.

Unlike 2020 and 2021, Canada has opened its boundaries to tourists worldwide as long as they have received jabs as per the approved vaccines. Now you can easily go on a vacation to Canada in 2022. Obtaining a Canada tourist visa requires you to undergo various tests, including medical assessment, police verification, etc. However, suppose an applicant has a criminal record in their name. In that case, it will be challenging to visit the country because Canada has a strict policy regarding the criminal history of a person entering the country.

Still, the good news is that Canada welcomes visitors and understands that a person with a criminal record can be rehabilitated and hence could be unlikely to pose a threat to Canadians’ safety. As a result, the Canadian government provides various options for overcoming criminal inadmissibility. And for the same reason, we have listed down three ways an applicant can dodge their criminal record and enjoy a vacation in Canada.

Temporary Resident Permit:

Applicants can overcome the hurdle posed by the criminal record by applying for a temporary resident permit in Canada. As the name suggests, it allows one to stay in Canada for a temporary period after proving their purpose of visiting the country. In addition, once the application gets approved by the officials, one can visit the country for limited days. However, getting a temporary resident permit is not easy, especially when the purpose is vacation. For this, candidates will need to provide a legit need for business or work to enter Canada temporarily.

Moreover, the official TRP document is only issued after a person has proven that the purpose for a visit outweighs the threat of them being there. So, for example, you may get a temporary permit to enter Canada if you prove that the trip is business or work-related, and the result of the trip will benefit the country.

Criminal Rehabilitation Application:

Criminal rehabilitation is a process in which a foreign national requests the Canadian government for permanent relief, clemency, or forgiveness for crimes committed in a different country. Crimes are primarily divided into two categories such as severe and non-serious crimes. And the rehabilitation application process varies based on the type of crime committed. Also, there is an exemption for people who have passed more than ten years since their last offense. 

So, you may be deemed to be rehabilitated by the Canadian government if it’s been more than ten years after committing the offense and you have completed the sentence for the same. However, an applicant may not be eligible for the deemed rehabilitated status if they have committed multiple crimes. Rehabilitated individuals can get a visitor visa or move under student immigration to canada

Additionally, there are two main conditions for those who can apply under the rehabilitation process, and the same are listed below:

  • At least five years must have elapsed since committing the last offense and completing the relevant sentence/probation.
  • The act must have been committed outside Canada, which is punishable under the Canadian criminal code.

Note: The Criminal Rehabilitation application process is exclusively for people who have been convicted of a crime in another country (offenses outside of Canada).

Moreover, deemed to be rehabilitated status does not apply to those committing serious crimes. At the same time, the rehabilitation application processing fee is CAD 200 for non-serious crimes, whereas it is CAD 1000 for those convicted of serious crimes. Also, the processing time is longer for serious crimes than non-serious ones.

Legal Opinion Letter:

You can get a legal opinion letter from a Canadian immigration lawyer. The letter explains why you should be allowed to enter Canada regarding all the conditions of your charges. Your lawyer explains to the authorities why you can be deemed permissible based on the legal scenarios concerning your criminal record. A legal opinion letter can be beneficial and increase your chances of entering Canada under the following conditions:

  • You have been charged for an offense but have not yet been convicted.
  • Your criminal charge doesn’t have any Canadian legal equivalence.
  • You have been deemed to be rehabilitated.

To sum it up, having a criminal track history can bar you from entering Canada whether you are on a vacation trip or migrating as a student through a student immigration visa. But suppose you turn to an authentic Canadian immigration consultancy for advice. In that case, they can let you know the best way, from the methods mentioned in this article, to overcome your criminal records and attain a legit Canadian tourist visa.

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