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Everything about the Goulburn Murray Water Trading Scheme

The Goulburn Murray Water Trading Scheme is Victoria’s largest rural water utility that stores, plans, implements, manages, and distributes about 70% of Victoria’s water reserves and about 50% of its groundwater supply. It also functions and facilitates Australia’s largest irrigation network.

Key Features Of The Goulburn Murray Water Trading Scheme

The Goulburn Murray Water Trading Cost Scheme manages several recreational services in northern Victoria, like land leasing, licenses for various facilities such as caravan parks, commercial club sites and houseboats, boating activities, and public property maintenance. It operates and maintains over 100 public recreation areas.

1. The service supplies water to over 30,000 customers

2. Its customers include urban and rural water utilities, gravity irrigation systems, domestic and storage users, pump irrigation systems, surface and groundwater diverters, and environmental water managers. Key customers include irrigation companies growing food and rural customers who need water for livestock, animals, and gardens. The water supply is extended to municipal water utilities and environmental projects with approved water permits to manage the wetlands, rivers, and streams.

3. Its headquarters are in Tatura, North Victoria. It also has offices in Cobram, Shepparton, Kyabram, Kerang, Pyramid Hill, Rochester, and 11 water reservoirs.

4. It has a solid commitment towards business activities, consumers, and creating opportunities to increase production in North Victoria over the next 20 years

5. GMW provides over 39,000 services, with over $5 billion in assets.

6. The target area of GMW covers approximately one-third of the state of Victoria, starting from Corryong (east) and stretching out to Nyah (west). The Goulburn Murray Irrigation District is a highly significant part of the region which covers 27,000 km2 and covers approximately $6 billion in the annual production of agricultural goods.

Key Statistics About the Goulburn Murray Water Trading Scheme

Key Parameters
Service Area68000 km2
Rural Customers21,077
Rural Water Supplied2,747.9b litres
Annual Revenue$211.4m
Assets at A Glance 
Water Storages24
River Basins7
Km of Channels, Pipelines & Drains10,900
Caravan Parks11
Recreational Clubs61
Public Boat Ramps50+
Houseboat Licences722
Houseboat Marinas4

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is advised by its leadership team of executives who oversee the company’s operations under the direction of the MD.

Declared System (Water Share and Quota Trading)

Water share trading and allocation trading in Victoria are governed by regulations set by the Minister of Water. Trading rules are intended to facilitate trading as much as possible while minimising the negative impact on other users and the environment. On July 1, 2022, new trade rules from Goulburn to Murray went into effect.

New trade and supplemental operating rules have been introduced to protect the Lower Goulburn River Basin from sustained abnormally high flows. The water system trading rules declared on July 1, 2014, have been amended to allow Victoria to meet its obligations under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

The Goulburn Murray Water Trading Prices

The application fee is $92.40 for each water sharing and water use licence added to the Assignment Account. In addition, all allocation transactions requested under Form 40 3B will incur a fee of $92.40 per transaction.

Building Permit Applications

Registered MyWater users can now submit online applications for surveys, observations, housing, and existing building permits. The consumers can submit their applications directly to their respective water companies using Form 29. The prescribed fee is:

  • $207.50 for Form 1 Application which is for a transfer of water share, for Form 7 – Application for the Issue of a Water Share, Form 8 – Application to Cancel a Water Share, and Form 10 – Application for a Limited Term transfer
  • $174.80 for Form 5 Application to Divide a Water Share and Form 6 Application to Consolidate Water Shares
  • $92.40 for Form 9 Application to Vary, Associate, or Revoke the Association of a Water Share and Form 39 for an Application to Trade Water Allocation
  • $49.00 for Form 39 Application to Trade Water Allocation, which is submitted through My Water


Just like in previous years, the Goulburn Murray Water Trading Scheme is governed by a committee of five water brokers. GMW does not consider the purchaser’s identity and provides equal access to all purchasers. The minimum amount of water quota is 20 ml. After the transaction is approved, it will be published on the GMW website.

GMW is responsible for managing seven river basins and associated water supply systems. Water is delivered from these systems to local customers, municipal water companies, and environmental water owners who protect and improve the health of their waterways. GMW manages many historic irrigation assets and has been appointed by Victoria’s Water Minister to assume the resource manager role for northern Victoria.

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