Best Online Payment Gateways Solution for International Payments

The Philippines is among the fastest growing economies and like any other country, its merchants want to grow bigger and faster in their business, thus needing dependable payment gateways. They look for the best gateway providers however, every merchant can have his definition of the best payment gateway. Below is the list of the best online payment gateways in the Philippines, for varied high-risk and low-risk industries. If you are reading this blog and you own a business here, why not take a look at the following suggestions and explore the features of the suggested gateway providers? 


If you are looking for an online payment gateway that provides the best payment solutions for online as well as offline payments then Dragonpay is a good choice to make. It was established in the year 2010, with the purpose to serve businesses of all scales and sizes. It means you can see that the payment gateway has spent a considerable number of years in serving the merchants. Dragonpay always supports merchants in different ways such as phone, live support, e-mail, and tickets.

You will get the following benefits with Dragonpay – 

  • Customers can make online payments through online banking. They can make transactions on e-commerce sites, online casinos, IPTV apps, etc. It means, without any constraint of time, the payments can be made. 
  • Subscription-based businesses are also supported by the payment gateway. As online banking is supported by Dragonpay the facility of auto-debit is a benefit for the merchants as well as the customers. 
  • Over-the-counter banking is also convenient with this gateway provider. The customers can visit their nearest local branch of a bank and can make the payment over the counter. Once the transaction is completed, a notification is sent to the merchant.  
  • Safety is another commitment of the payment gateway because the complete network created by the payment solution company is in compliance with the PCI-DSS rules. This ensures safety and helps merchants reduce fraud incidents.


You are never out of options while searching for the Philippines payment gateway providers. Rapyd is another established payment gateway brand that is based in the United Kingdom but it has reached all across the globe. It aims to simplify online payments for merchants without compromising the safety of customer data. As its name suggests, Rapyd is known for speedy transaction processing. 

Following are the prime features of the payment gateway that you should know – 

  • Accept payment methods like e-wallets, debit and credit cards, cash, bank transfer, etc. Having so many payment options is convenient for the merchants as well as the buyers. They can make their choices while buying. 
  • Besides the currency of the Philippines, it supports 103 currencies that include all the major ones because the company knows merchants always focus on the popular business markets for expansion. Your growth is assured if you choose Rapyd for your current and future payment processing requirements. 
  • It serves all major industries such as gaming, e-commerce, e-learning, SMEs, payroll, finance, online trading, B2B, logistics, and many more. You should once visit the website of the company or should talk to the team personally to explain your transaction processing requirements well. 


For many merchants, PayCly is the last resort due to its versatile payment solutions and its global presence that helps the merchants grow bigger and faster.  Your search for the best payment gateway provider should end here if you process a large volume of transactions every month. Whether it is about alternative payment methods or safety commitments, PayCly is irreplaceable in every aspect. The payment gateway is an expert in high-risk payment processing. 

What makes PayCly a versatile payment gateway?

  • Effective and efficient credit card processing makes your transactions easy. The payment gateway is an expert in handling customer data professionally through tokenization. Compliance with PCI-DSS makes it a strong competitor for other payment gateways. 
  • Crypto settlement is a unique feature of Crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and cashier system service, this payment gateway is an all-inclusive platform. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your payment processing requirements then this is your perfect payment gateway. 
  • Invoicing solutions are also available which reduce errors and increase accuracy. You can enhance customer satisfaction because transaction details are sent to them immediately. Also, the payments of vendors can be managed easily. 
  • The payment gateway is also a merchant account solution provider. It assists you to get approved for a merchant account and also bargains on the total cost and per transaction fee. The merchants can get a fair deal through 
  • It is also an expert in smart routing and diverts the transactions to the most suitable merchant account to increase the approval chances. With so many features, this solution provider is the best payment gateway provider in the Philippines. 


Among the most popular electronic payment service providers, PesoPay holds an important place in the Philippines. It is an initiative of AsiaPay and majorly aims to facilitate easy online payment processing solutions for merchants. Its in-built fraud management network keeps the customer data encrypted with TLS 1.2 encryption.  The updated fraud prevention tools make it one of the safest payment gateways in the country. 

What is so special about PesoPay?

  • Offer the choice of alternative payments to your customers. They can make online payments or can experience easy and user-friendly credit and debit card payment checkout pages.  E-wallet and cash payments are also accepted. 
  • Customized payment solutions are always according to your business circumstances and can be tailored in case of any change in your business strategy or structure. Make your payment solutions adjustable according to your business expansion plans. 
  • Irreplaceable expertise and experience in providing payment solutions in various industries make it one of the most sought-after options for merchants looking for a payment gateway in the Philippines. With extensive payment services, PesoPay gives you vast opportunities to reach millions of customers. 
  • Among its payment solutions include recurring payment, an online registration system, tokenization, a custom payment page, electronic voucher, credit card promotion, a hotel booking engine, and much more. In alternative payments, merchants can get e-wallet payments, cash payments, over-the-counter payments, and ATM card payments.

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As you can read the payment gateways in the Philippines suggested above serve all types of industries and for sure you can also find one of them matching your transaction processing requirements. Whether you are a high-risk merchant account with a bulky volume of transactions to process every month or a small size business or maybe a start-up, you can find your payment gateway in the country very easily. Do your homework, visit the websites of the payment solution companies, read the reviews left by the other merchants from your industry and make your decision. In simple words, do your research work and then drive a conclusion.

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